Reasons Of Project Failure

Hi, my name is Hassan Raza. I am related to software industry for a year now, so today I am writing reasons for software project failure.Most software ventures bomb totally or halfway disappointments on the grounds that few activities meet every one of their prerequisites. These necessities can be the cost, schedule, quality, or prerequisites destinations.Project failure Occurs when system is unable to perform its functionality as per requirement. These are the factor which creates a bad effect on business. This article is an arrangement of disappointment reasons for programming advancement extends; this exposition abridges a few territories that assume an essential part in Software venture disappointment.

Poor Project Management: Poor project management is one of the major reasons for project failure, if project management is not good then there is a lot of chances that the project will be failed.

Lack of Risk Management:Lack of Risk management is a critical factor towards project failure if it’s not overseen convenient and adequately. As nothing can be anticipated that what will occur in future so we need to make the important strides in the present to take any dubious circumstance later on.Risk management implies managing a worry before it turns into an emergency.If you are undertaking any project you need to know about the risk involved in it and need to make planning how to tackle that risk.

Lack of Documentation: Lack of documentation is one of the reasons for software project failure regarding cost and time. Lack of documentation give open hand to the customer for changes and it wastes a lot of time, money and compromise quality. Due to the documentation, you can describe your project functionality and moreover changes in the project can be done easily.

Lack of Customer Involvement: Lack of customer Involvement leads to project failure. If we cannot involve customer during software development life cycle, then the product will not fulfill the customer need due to which after completion of project customer says for major changes which waste a lot of time and money and will be the liability of the company.

Confusion about Requirements: Confusion about requirement will increase the chances of project failure regarding costs, time and quality. The requirement must be clear and concise which meet the client needs.

Poor Testing: Poor testing lead to project failure. Testing is one of the important parts of software development life cycle without testing project cannot be completed. If application deployed after poor testing or without testing and errors found in the application the project will be failed regarding cost and time.

No Control Over Changes: Uncontrolled changes are difficult with a system which are under development and have a cause of project failure.

Poor Cost and Time Estimation: Poor cost and time estimation lead to project failure regarding cost and time if Project not completed in given period due to which project cost increases and will be the liability for the company.

Multitasking: If development and testing performed by the same person, then it will create chances of project failure. Because a developer cannot test the application like the application test by the separate tester.

Lack Estimation about resources: Lack of estimation of resource one of the major reasons for project failure.

Improper Division of Role and Responsibility: Improper division or confusion about roles and responsibility may lead to project failure.

Lack of Domain Knowledge: Lack of domain knowledge may create chances of project failure.

Selection of Immature technology: Selection and use of Immature technology may lead to project failure.

Lack of Professional Developer: The Non-professional developer may not write quality code like professional developer which compromise the quality of product resultant will be project failure.

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